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Snowflakes, Paths & Pedestals

Allow me to be Captain Obvious for a minute …

It’s snowing. A lot.

Whether gazing out the window or ankle deep in shovelling, I continue to marvel at the collective impact of each little snowflake.

Squinting into the blizzard, I see tiny, individual drops of snow. Minuscule flakes that seem unthreatening and almost serene on their own. These flakes can be easily dismissed without a second thought.

On the ground, these tiny flakes quickly bind together into heaps, mounds and hills, at times as beautiful as they are frustratingly impassable.

A little snow, like a single comment or solitary question, can be noticed but easily dismissed. Over time, however, individual actions, ideas, and thoughts, like falling snowflakes, can collect into hills, like pedestals, that appear impossible to climb. Much like pedestals, however, while imposing in height, their construction is sloppy and their foundation is shaky.

Remember that in each little moment, in those moments you may dismiss or that may melt away before you can truly appreciate them, a pedestal might be building. Will you be the one to get your shovel out to create a path, or are you waiting for a winter wind to knock you off your perch?


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