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Proud of You and Proud to Know You

Perhaps it’s the sense of optimism in the air with the start of a new year, or perhaps I simply have too many awesome friends (I’m leaning ever slightly toward the latter), but I’ve found myself speaking (typing) this phrase with increased frequency and renewed conviction.

“I’m proud of you and proud to know you!”

Of course, once I start doing, thinking or saying something a lot, I am gripped with an overwhelming urge to understand what I mean, or, at least, what I think I mean.

 What does it mean when I’m proud of you?

You’re saying yes when you would have said no.

You’re saying no when you would have said yes.

You own your failures, but are not paralyzed by them.

You celebrate your successes, but again you keep going.

You give more than you take, but still take what you need.

You are scared, and you tell me.

You are strong, and you share that with me too.

You do not hide from a challenge, nor do you shrink in the spotlight.

I do not see perfection, I see potential. 

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