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Most Of All, I Will Not Grow Up

Grow Up

Blog title taken from Frank Turner’s ‘putting Lisa’s life philosophy in verse’ song Photosynthesis.  

“Most of all, I will not grow up.”

It’s like Frank Turner was singing about me. I often make comments starting with ‘when I grow up’ and poke (gentle) fun at friends who celebrate the more traditional rites and rituals that signal the passage into adulthood (marriage, the birth of a child, getting a ‘real’ job – whatever that is).

As I continue to gladly suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome, I thought it would be important to clarify what I mean when I say I refuse to grow up.

  •  I won’t be afraid to make mistakes and get messy (thank you Miss Frizzle). Children and those young at heart often shoot first and aim later, delighting in the art of discovery and remain curious, not cruel to themselves or others, when things don’t go according to plan.
  • I hope to always enjoy the ride – the bumpy twists and turns of life. Children are endlessly fascinated by adventure, and while holding on tight with one hand to a parent or other guardian, they still reach out with the other to seize the day. 
  • I hope to always be ridiculous. Ridiculously optimistic  Ridiculously enthusiastic about opportunities and ideas and adventures. Ridiculously supportive of everyone, whether I’ve known you for years or we’ve just met. A child is trusting but ultimately, in my mind, not naive. They are quick learners and given the chance will use their ridiculousness to inspire, motivate and energize others to step out, step back, and step into something new. 



What about you? What does it mean to never grow up? Tell me in the comments below or tweet me your answer.

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  1. Colouring outside of the lines, literally and figuratively. I’ve been working recently on a business plan for my consulting gig (applying to a support program that requires one) and was just banging my head on the table until I realized I was trying to fit myself into an arbitrary standard. Now I’m writing the plan up the way I want to, even though it doesn’t fit the mold. Hmm, come to think of it, that attitude is what got me through my Masters thesis. :p

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