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Fear & Freedom

I’m trying something new to keep me motivated and inspired to write. I’ve been collecting a ton (almost literally, if you printed them out and weighed them) of quotes, words, ideas and images over on my Pinterest boards. I’ll be picking a new one at least once a week and writing some of my thoughts about it. Feel free to borrow some inspiration and/or share some with me. Check out my ‘Happy In My Heart Place’ board, tweet me @lmendersby, or email me at


Freedom from? Or freedom to?

Freedom from doubt perhaps? Freedom from whatever it is that holds us back, or pushes us in the wrong direction.

Fear and Freedom


Perhaps, then, freedom from feels like a burden lifted, but will this new lightness propel us forward or see us travel more aimlessly, for without an anchor we can be carried away by even the slightest breeze.

Then, it is freedom to. Freedom to say yes when we want it, and no when we mean it. Freedom to act, to move – to take the next, purposeful, intentional step. Fear has not left us, it is simply walking behind to motivate rather than in front to



“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain






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