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Publication Announcement! Going Digital in Student Leadership

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NDSL #153 Publication Announcement

Dr. Josie Ahlquist and I are so excited to share that our edited publication, Going Digital in Student Leadership is released!!

When we started this process in the Spring of 2015, we had a vision for what this publication could be, but that vision only became a reality with the hard work and dedication of a fantastic team of authors. Writing about technology and leadership is challenging because of how quickly things change; yet, our authors represent some of the most innovative group of faculty and administrators committed to exploring how technology has, does, and will continue to shape the role of the leader both inside the classroom and beyond the walls of the institution. Our own writing was particularly informative as both of us are continuing our own research in technology and leadership development, for publications, presentations, and (for one of us) that elusive dissertation.

This volume (#153) of New Directions for Student Leadership focuses on ways educators and administrators can purposefully engage students in the complex process of leadership development as it is continually shaped by the advent of emerging digital tools and technologies. The seven chapters in this volume cover topics such as:

  •  Remixing more traditional definitions of leadership with the considerable impact of technology on how leaders are recruited, taught, assessed, and supported
    ·  Explore the idea of leadership in the digital age, playing with definitions, examples and curriculum especially for college students.
  •  Recognizing the unique opportunities and challenges inherent in the influence of technology on student leadership activities, including new considerations of digital citizenship and the rapid rise in student activism on and off campus
  •  How students, faculty, and administrators respond to working with and within digital teams, including how leadership is newly conceptualized at these virtual tables
  •  The crucial need for our career services pedagogy and practices to keep pace with evolving trends in workplace technology

This NDSL volume is a call to action for our colleagues to inspire new and uniquely innovative ways of both challenging and supporting our emerging student leaders. For those in graduate programs or new to the field seeking a text to help augment their leadership development pedagogy focused on technology or for those practitioners ready to incorporate digital tools to enhance student leadership curriculum and practices, this book is for you!

The chapters of Going Digital in Student Leadership are as follows:

Chapter 1: “Remixing Leadership Practices with Emerging Technologies”, by Dr. Ed Cabellon and Dr. Paul Gordon Brown

Chapter 2: “Leadership 2.0: The Impact of Technology on Leadership Development”, by Dr. John Hoffman and Cara Vorhies

Chapter 3: “P-20 Model of Digital Citizenship” by Dr. Marialice B.F.X. Curran and Dr. Mike Ribble

Chapter 4: “Digital Student Leadership Development” by Dr. Josie Ahlquist

Chapter 5: “Student Activism in the Technology Age” by Dr. Adam Gismondi and Dr. Laura Osteen

Chapter 6: “The Virtual Table: A Framework for Online Teamwork, Collaboration, and Communication” by Lisa Endersby, Kirstin Phelps, and Dr. Dan Jenkins

Chapter 7: “A Mindset for Career Curiosity: Emerging Leaders Working in the Digital Space” by Mallory Bower and Dr. Peter Konwerski

Order Your Copy Today From Jossey-Bass or Pre-Order on Amazon

We are grateful to all our chapter authors for their willingness to work with us on this project and to Dr. Kathy Guthrie and Dr. Susan Komives for their support along the way!

We hope you’ll check it out and would love to hear your feedback!

Lisa & Josie

NDSL #153 Co-Editors


Proper volume citation:

Ahlquist, J., & Endersby, L. (2017). Going digital in student leadership (New Directions for Student Leadership, No. 153). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Proper chapter citation:

Author(s). (2017). Chapter title. In J. Ahlquist & L. Endersby (Eds.), Going digital in student leadership (New Directions for Student Leadership, No. 153, pp. ___ – ____). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

For example:

Cabellon, E., & Brown, P. (2017). Remixing leadership practices with emerging technologies. In J. Ahlquist & L. Endersby (Eds.), Going digital in student leadership (New Directions for Student Leadership, No. 153, pp. 9-20). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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