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Lisa presented at a one day conference on assessment co-hosted by York University and the Professional Development Committee through the Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers (OACUHO) on Friday 28 February, 2014.  Lisa’s presentation entitled “A Journey into Assessment” to professionals who have been in their role for 1-3 years as a fantastic introduction to assessment and offered attendees a learning opportunity that was comprehensive and engaging.  Lisa’s speaking and facilitation of her session and participation in an end of day panel discussion were very well received and were given high accolades by attendees for her energy, preparation and delivery.  Lisa was professional with regards to her presentation but also in all communication with the organizing committee prior to and following her presentation.  Overall, the organizing committee would recommend Lisa for any further speaking engagements and were very pleased with her work.  – Matthew Harris, Coordinator, Residence Life, York University

Follow Friday: Inspiration

Kristen Abell included me in great company with Amma Marfo for the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech Blog ‘Follow Friday’ feature.

Lisa is a purveyor of awesome – whether it’s giving folks virtual high fives or her two cents (Canadian), Lisa is full of incredible ideas and inspiration. If you haven’t had the chance yet to watch her TED talk, please stop reading RIGHT NOW and go check it out. Seriously. Okay, done now? Now we can move on.

One of Lisa’s greatest strengths is not just her teaching, but in her ability to infect those around her with awesomeness. She is not just the star athlete, but the head cheerleader, too, and she will make sure that you know that you absolutely can do it – whatever “it” is. To tap into a little of this inspiration, go follow her on Twitter (if you aren’t already) or go check out her blog. Then come back and thank me later.

Highlight a Woman! Student Affairs Women Talk Tech

The Student Affairs Women Talk Tech blog surprised me with a post highlighting myself and my work.

“How do you describe Lisa? Not sure there are words that can give Lisa’s energy justice. I first connected with Lisa via the #sachat community on Twitter, and was immediately struck by two things: 1). Lisa’s ability to reach out and engage with a variety of people about any number of topics. and 2). How much fun Lisa has in everything she does.”

CACUSS 2012 Overview

The Supporting Student Success team, a study run out of the University of Toronto, attended CACUSS 2012 and reviewed several sessions, including “Student Services? Let Me Google That …” a session I co-facilitated with BJ Jensen, a friend and colleague from Douglas College.

“Today” by Tricia Cesarino

Tricia wrote a fantastic blog post about celebrating each moment and challenging yourself to exercise positivity. She included a tweet I sent out about refusing to simply ‘get through’ another day.

“This isn’t what I thought it was: community in the network age.”

At CACUSS 2012 I had the opportunity to work with Nancy White around digital community building. Read more about our work and our presentation in her latest blog post.

Outcomes, Likerts and KPI’s OH MY! 

NASPA Region IV-E included an article about the #saass (Student Affairs Assessment) chat in their Spring 2012 newsletter. Big thanks to them for supporting and promoting the chat.

Using Social Media for Professional Development Presentation

The awesome Liz Gross created this presentation for the Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (WASFAA) Spring 2012 conference. Check out yours truly talking about the benefits of social media on slide 24.

Unsolicited Shout-out of the Week on Student Affairs Live

Eric Stoller was kind enough to send me some virtual high fives as part of his Student Affairs Live (#SALive) episode on June 1, 2011 (I’m at about 6:18) . Thanks Eric!

An Unconventional Student Affairs Unconference: Ideas Requested

One of the conversations that started it all. Adding my voice to the unconference discussion.

Am I Hirable in #StudentAffairs?

Poking the box in the student affairs credentialing discussion on Swift Kick.

NASPA: Technology, iPads, Twitter, Social Media, PLNs, and Kudos

Amazing review of #NASPA11 by Eric Stoller. High fives all around!

Thoughts from members about #NASPACPA

Honoured to be in such great company talking about the proposed consolidation of NASPA and ACPA.

Student Affairs Women Talk Tech – Linkage Love

In the company of amazingly awesome women. Check out some of their good reads!

 UVic leaders are going global

An article about a Student Leadership Conference I presented at during my Master’s career at the University of Victoria.

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