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The Vacation Hangover

Short post today because it’s been a long day and a long week (yes I know it’s only Tuesday). I will be starting to blog on a regular schedule now – look for new posts every Tuesday!

Part of the reason why I feel so extra tired and overwhelmed today is because I just recently returned from vacation. While certainly recharging and refreshing, I’ve started to experience what I’ve termed the vacation hangover. If someone else has already coined the phrase, thank you for the inspiration. If not, I’m looking to apply for a patent.

Vacation hangover mostly consists of trying to wrap your head around this ‘routine’ or ‘reality’ that I left behind when I boarded the plane and donned my flip flops. While time certainly slowed down a bit while I was away, the return to work and my ‘real life’ has a similar affect to suddenly jumping off a fast moving merry go round – I’m just as dizzy and disoriented. It almost feels like I need to relearn everything again; what my routine is at work, how to conduct student appointments, I even had trouble figuring out my normal route to work this morning (though that could have also been due to a lack of sleep).

What is actually exciting about this hangover, however, is just now new everything looks and feels. Even after only being away for a few days, I have the luxury of viewing my work, my responsibilities and, in a way, my life with fresh eyes. I see things as a novice – anxious, a little confused but ultimately excited about the possibilities and opportunities that are open to me. I can examine and reflect on habits and routines without being blinded by cynicism or exhaustion, and the daily grumblings are, at least for now, replaced with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I am so very fortunate to have what I have and to be able to do what I do, and seeing things with fresh eyes after being away makes me extra appreciative of the opportunity to work with students and do something I love for a living. Sometimes we really do need to physically, not just mentally, get away and step back to really see how truly lucky we are to work in student affairs. Here’s hoping these feelings of gratitude will help get me through the mountain of work I now have to catch up on!

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