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A Thriving World


After recently being chosen to serve as a LeaderShape Cluster Facilitator this summer, I wanted to share some of the responses I submitted on my application. The Cluster Facilitator application encourages you (some, including myself, might say it truly forces you) to dig deep and reflect broadly on life and leadership. I hope in sharing some of my insights I may spark some reflection of your own. How would you answer the question? What does a just, caring, thriving world look like to you and how will you help build it?

LeaderShape invites participants and facilitators to join us in creating a just, caring, thriving world by taking action on a cause that is important to each of them. Share with us how you feel you contribute to such a world.

The word ‘thriving’ immediately jumped out at me when I read this question. I’ve been thinking a lot about action and what it means to be busy ‘doing’. In particular, I see a thriving world as one in which progress is not valued at the expense of purpose, but rather momentum is spurred by a mission. Students are able to recognize their own capacity to give, and their seemingly endless ambition for learning – a powerful combination that sparks measured and purposeful action.

I contribute to such a world by creating the spaces for and helping to build the competencies in students to allow their own light to shine so others can light their candles by them. A just and caring world is not always equal, but it advocates for equitable access to opportunities. Showing students how to ignite their own candles and keep their flames burning strong creates a just and caring world where others are warmed in the glow of positive encouragement.

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