I have been privileged to share in the personal and professional journeys of students, faculty, and staff by walking alongside, behind, or sometimes ahead on a shared, winding path. I believe firmly in daring to teach and daring greatly, pushing success off its high, unattainable pedestal while replacing the fear of failure with the fear of never trying, never knowing, and never learning.

My professional philosophy has been continually and powerfully shaped by story. My experience, strengths, and skills lie in three different yet interconnected uses of narrative:

Knowing the story – Assessment

My work has spanned the assessment cycle, from creating meaningful and measurable learning outcomes, to designing effective data collection tools, to guiding individuals and departments through the messy and complex task of assessment planning. Stories told by assessment can identify challenges & celebrate successes, and my work helps dispel myths and fears associated with an intensive, necessary, exploration of what we do, how we do it, and why it’s important.

Telling the “true” story – Authenticity

Authenticity in relationships and communication is a professional interest and a personal passion. Most recently, this work has fused with my experience in social media, supporting students, faculty, and staff in creating and maintaining an authentic online presence.

Sharing (in) the story – Community

All of my accomplishments demand shared credit, and all of my struggles have been supported by a community that knows no limit on compassion and sees no geographic borders. Much of my work focuses on creating, supporting, and assessing online communities, understanding their fluidity, challenges, and potential.

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    You owe it all to your father.

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